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The only FACTS anyone need discover about federal taxes is a
SECRET hidden within the
History of Federal Income Tax Law


Atlas to Freedom's Lair is a new book that reveals a truth long hidden from America's hard-working employees resulting in the enslavement of a large portion of the population to an income tax law that was NEVER intended to apply to the typical wage or salary earner in the manner in which is now nothing less than pure theft.

The Nature of an Income Tax on Wages

The Mystery Behind the IRS Curtain

    Discover exactly what must be done for the "employee"  to  set things right for themselves.

One Code, Yet 15 Income Taxes

The Payroll Tax IS an Income Tax

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Both the T.C. Memo below and the reference within to the Boyce vs. Commissioner case PROVE, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that the (employee's liability to the) "payroll tax" is a direct unapportioned income tax imposed on wages and/or salaries, as authorized by the 16th Amendment, and is the ONLY federal income tax owed on his or her receipts from "EMPLOYMENT".


* The "self-employment tax" (IRC 1401, et seq.) is the equivalent to the payroll tax, only it applies to those individuals self-employed, as opposed to those individuals employed by others.

Which begs the following question: Why do such U.S. domiciled "employees" file a form 1040 and every year volunteer to a Section 1 income tax liability that is actually applicable to the "compensation for services" paid yearly to the non-resident alien individual under Section 871(b)?

The IRS Form W-4 sampled above is for purposes of REFERENCE ONLY!